A Message For All Nations 

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This website, and most of the content herein, is compiled by John N. Runner. Ok… I’ll dispense with the third person – compiled by ME.

I was born of the FLESH in 1950, but more importantly, born of the SPIRIT in the spring of 1970. Through a fluke in life, I was born of the WATER several years later, being baptized by Elder Vaughn Morton in Fresno, California on a Sunday afternoon between services – just to be sure things were done right (that’s all I’ll say about the matter now.)

From 1974 until 1980 I was privileged to have the opportunity to assist Elder Morton (as pastor’s assistant, NOT assistant pastor).

In 1980, my wife and two of our children and I headed off to Visalia California where we pioneered The Fortress of Truth.

Thirty years later I felt the church needed more than I had to give it, so I resigned. I have the honor of remaining in the church I pioneered with the title of Bishop. I teach and preach as often as I wish – besides that I do my very best to stay out of everyone’s way 😊

Besides my family, my wife since 1972, and my kids, their spouses, and their kids, I love travel & distant lands, (architecture, history & food), reading (mostly bios and history), coffee, camping (the forest, the forest… ohhh the forest!), hiking, coffee, my beloved dogs, my ranch, and food…. oh, and coffee.

… and I muse… night and day, about the origins of things. For me, it has to make sense (and it does!) Admittedly many of my works are more than a bit scattered, and my presentations are in dire need of technical updating, so most of what is here is ‘a work in progress’. In reality, I may never get ‘round to it, so it is what it is, even if it is just ‘snippets from my mind’. It’s here – hopefully, better than a poke in the eye with a frozen carrot!

I dearly hope it can make a difference in someone’s life.

And this work does cost (besides that, who doesn't dream of waking up to some windfall?) If you’d like to help that dream come true for me, something between a small donation and the whole of your fortune,don't be bashful, donate here.