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altChristianity - the other viewpoint

The new word that has recently come to our vocabulary is 'fake news' - which in reality, is nothing new, in fact, fake news is the engine of what drives fake history, especially as the years cover up the facts. And there is plenty of fake history that has been buried - distorted, for years, some of which eventually comes to light, others that will languish forever in the abyss of doubt.

Then there is "Alt" to the rescue, the term used by those who do not buy the MSM narrative,  and taking the known facts at face value, labeling all else as fabrication, offer the alternate narrative. 

The ' Christian' MSM narrative can be divided into two groups -  one is the reformer / 'protest-ants' group that teaches that 'Holy' mother Catholic Church, preserver of the faith, just kept getting more & more corrupt- until the indulgences of Pope Leo X with the help of the likes of Johann Tetzel, hawker of indulgences, became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back that compelled one singular priest  to write  his 95 complaints and nailed them on the church door in Wittenberg Germany, and out of that sprouted all these contentious denominations. The second group just stuck with the Catholic narrative & said, "move along everyone, there's nothing to see here."

Well welcome to altChristianity. Sorry to rain on your parade - but there's a narrative perhaps you haven't quite considered. 

There is something quite FLAWED with #1 and #2 MSM Christian theories. You see, it has to do with that stubborn something called scripture - you know, that mysterious book that for centuries was (officially) written (hidden?) in Latin and (officially, thanks to Catholic MSM rulings) off limits to the low IQ public.... in other words, they said, "let us interpret the scripture FOR you" - ahhhh... that is what the news outlets, owned by the likes of Jeff Bezos (WAPO), Carlos Slim (New York Times), Ted Turner (CNN) want to do, interpret the news FOR us so they can control the narrative - to their own advantage - I mean, don't you think that the boys who tried to sell us the Donation of Constantine and the Pseudo - Isidorian Decratles just might distort the facts to their advantage?


And plain as day, hidden in scripture, lies the keys to the mystery itself; who to believe and who NOT to believe. Jesus said, 'by their FRUIT ye shall know them". Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? Jesus said that we'd know the 'false prophets' by their fruit, and Catholic fruit, is as foreign to scripture as the very fruit we imagine might grow on planet Krypton to a group of school kids lined up at McDonald's in Main Street America.

Now I know right up front the first objection the MSM people would say is that the scripture itself is the very DOMAIN of Catholicism - after all, no one disputes that amid the totally unchristian mud wrestling of the 4th and 5th centuries the victors of this mud wrestling were the ones who compiled and canonized it into what we possess today. 

Yet that theory melts away with something these MSM people just won't accept - and that is the wonder working power of our God - who gave us, in scripture itself, the amazing accounts of how Moses was hid underneath the nose of Pharaoh himself while his own MOTHER was paid WAGES to raise him! Jesus himself was preserved from the reach of Herod in Egypt. So if it took a form of Egypt to preserve scripture, I can easily see that. Notwithstanding the very scripture that was preserved was (in my view) not quite so inaccessible - after all, we're only talking about eight writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, James and Jude. Maybe not as unattainable as MSM's official narrative tells us.

Then there is the assurance from the MSM that they alone are the ones to bring the news... I mean, the truth, in the fantasy of apostolic succession. Take your pick - grapes of thorns or figs of thistles. 

Apostolic succession - the Catholic MSM version of a monopoly - oh, they OWN the church - no matter what their conduct is, no matter what they conjure up out of their cavernous pit, called the 'depository' of faith by this Catholic MSM. If they truly own the game, then I suppose it's their call to make up the rules along the way. So let's examine this and see by what authority they claim this proprietary power. Did Jesus grant it to them? I'd say that no matter what else they try to sell us, this claim ALONE ought to come directly from Jesus or they need to go peddle their fake news somewhere else, we're not buying.

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