A Message For All Nations 

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Note: Audio files are links from Soundcloud and Mixlr. In some messages an entire church service may be recorded. You are able to fast forwarded through the service to the message if desired. Please let us know if any links do not work.



11/18/2020 J. N. Runner No Title

11/08/2020 J. N. Runner The Church of 2020... Vision!

9/09/2020 J. N. Runner "Power, Love, and a Sound Mind"

7/22/2020 J. N. Runner "Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work"

7/05/2020 J. N. Runner "Keeping Life's Windows Clean"

7/04/2020 J. N. Runner Misc Thoughts

6/14/2020 J. N. Runner "The Bride, The Bridegroom, and the FRIEND of the Bridegroom"

6/05/2020 J. N. Runner "The Language of Angels"

5/21/2020 J. N. Runner "The Road to Perdition"

5/17/2020 J. N. Runner "Truth: Love it or Lose It" (Madera)

5/5/2020 J. N. Runner "Choices of Destiny"

5/11/2020 J. N. Runner "The Whole Duty of Man"

5/05/2020 J. N. Runner "Precious are the Promises"

5/04/2020 J. N. Runner "The Salt of the Earth"

4/30/2020 J. N. Runner "The Road to Glory, Part II"

4/30/2020 J. N. Runner "The Road to Glory Part I"

4?29/20 J. N. Runner "God's Endtime Prayer for the Endtime Church"

4/20/20 J. N. Runner "Intro to Devotionals"

4/05/2020 J. N. Runner "Every Generation Has Its Own Battles to Fight"

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